A kitchen for all the family to use together


A kitchen for all the family to use together

Tracy and Marc Johnson's new kitchen

Tracy and Mark were having an extension added to the existing house, and decided getting rid of their small ‘lean to’ existing kitchen to make way for a larger family sized area for the whole family to use was a must!

They chose Webbs to design the kitchen because...

‘It may sound corny, but it is all about the experience and simply the level of service we received. If there were any problems Webbs would sort it straight away. Any ideas we had would be challenged if they thought it wouldn’t work. It wasn’t them telling us what to do, it was all about listening to each side, and coming up with the ideas together’.

The start of the journey…

Of course they had shopped around… who doesn’t? They got a few quotes, but didn’t like the Kitchens as much and felt other companies were ‘here is your kitchen, here you go… off you go!’ whereas working with Anna at Webbs felt like it was designing in partnership. She knew exactly what we wanted, and gave ideas and concepts as much as we did.

‘We started with Architects drawings, so knew the rough shape size and plan of the kitchen, we knew Ben and had seen other kitchens he had done. We did shop around, but thought it was much better to go with someone local’.

The Brief

Tracy and Mark wanted a light and open kitchen. Other houses they have lived in always seemed to have separate rooms, they wanted it to have a social feel where they could all sit round, kids could do their homework, watch TV, and they could cook and do lots of things together.

Did it go smoothly?

The fitting of the kitchen was incorporated into the whole extension build. So there were a few hiccups that weren’t Webbs fault, which had knock-on effects to the kitchen project, i.e. the windows weren’t ready, which delayed being able to plaster, which ultimately held up us being able to fit the kitchen.

“On the day of the kitchen was supposed to be started the fitter came and instantly put a hold on the fit because the walls weren’t dry. He said “If I fit this, the kitchen will get ruined as there is still damp in the air,. It needs to be completely dry”, I was really upset, as it was important to me to have the kitchen fitted and finished, after all the building work, I wanted to see something that was finished.

Although I was frustrated at the time, in hindsight, I’m so glad of his professionalism and Webbs focus ensuring us the quality we’d set our heart on.  I’m not sure other companies would have had the same duty of care.”

As a family business, we understand that having your dream kitchen is an exciting and emotional time.  We all want things to go perfectly, but sometimes problems and delays do happen.  We know it’s how we tackle those hiccups together that makes the real difference and try to make sure our customers feel ‘loved’ throughout the whole journey.

Best bits

It is all about the space for Tracy and Mark, so being able to have everyone eat together and socialise is a huge positive for them.

And of course the brand new shiny appliances:

  • Waste Disposal
  • Boiling Water tap
  • Wine Fridge


Welcome to the Brand New Mitchinson Kitchen


Welcome to the Brand New Mitchinson Kitchen

There’s nothing quite like creating the ideal kitchen - especially for customers you know and care about.

We first met Rachel and Ben Mitchinson in 2013. They chose us to design and install the kitchen in their first home. Three years and 2 children later, the family moved to their forever home. Which they were keen to put their own stamp on! 

Our strong relationship with Ben and Rachel helped us understand and refine their new brief. They trusted us to translate their desire to have a ‘wow’ kitchen into a unique design.  After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and they wanted it to be perfect.

Having worked with Ben and Rachel recently, we felt that we had a good idea of what they expected from us.


The Brief

Rachel and Ben wanted us to create a light and modern kitchen. We needed to incorporate as much of the room as possible, including a TV area.  They also wanted lots of design features and a mixed, but complementary colour palette.

Rachel wanted her built-in ovens at eye level for ease-of-use. (And to keep them out of the reach of the little Mitchinsons!).  They also specified an induction hob with discreet cooker hood, a wine cooler and a 3-in-1 hot water tap.

They wanted to include a breakfast bar to make the space more sociable.  It needed to blend into the rest of the kitchen so that we could use as much of the wall as possible. The space was long and thin, making an island out of the question. It also meant there was no middle space to use. The room is also light and airy, with plenty of windows, making finding wall space a challenge. 

Our Design

Mitchinson new kitchen photo 010.jpg

One of the main challenges was to incorporate a large American fridge-freezer from their previous kitchen. It has a dominant size - we knew it would be difficult to integrate. Especially as we needed to make sure it complemented the sleek, smooth finish they craved.

We suggested using studwork to straighten out one of the walls. This meant we could bring the ovens off the wall slightly. It also meant the sloping ceiling wouldn't cause us any problems. From a design perspective, American fridge-freezers aren’t the most delicate of appliances to incorporate into a kitchen scheme.  To address this, we decided to make the tall units either side of the fridge look like they were floating using the studwork and feature panels.  Making this bank a different colour also created a separate feature. We used floating single height base units and wall units going into the TV area. Similar colours, materials and finishes linked the areas.

We also needed to include an inconspicuous extraction system. This was so the air could be re-circulated as the house has a heat recovery system. We decided to use a downdraft cooker hood and recirculate the air back into the room. We were mindful of where the intake was for the heating.

Working with clients like Rachel and Ben is a real collaboration of ideas. We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed the process, from initial discussions through to installation.

We Used:

●    Neff appliances
●    Caple Wine Cooler
●    Corian worktops
●    Hacker Systemat furniture
●    Franke Sinks
●    ISE 3-in-1 Hot Water Tap




A silver-lining from the dark clouds of Storm Desmond

Tamsin Gerrard-Doyle's new Webbs of Kendal kitchen

Designer kitchen specialists Webbs of Kendal have recently completed the installation of a new kitchen for Tamsin Gerrard-Doyle and her family.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience of working with Webbs:

“Like many families in Kendal, our home was flooded during Storm Desmond in December 2015.  But despite the upheaval and disruption, we count ourselves fortunate to have great local businesses like Webbs of Kendal to help us put our homes back together.

Account manager Anna is a diamond.  She was brilliant throughout the process; supportive, understanding and attentive to our every need and want – and there was quite a list.  Her approach to us and our situation really were the silver-lining to come out of the grey rain clouds that devastated the ground floor out our property.

From the dark days, we realised an opportunity to put our own stamp on our home, designing and fitting our dream kitchen with the support of experts like Anna and the team at Webbs of Kendal.

Together, our home has been re-invented to our exacting standards which is something that, from experience, can only be achieved when you have a close working relationship with your supplier.  And that is what we have with Webbs of Kendal.”

Have you or someone you know been affected by the floods?  Many families are still not back in there homes and in need of help.  We’ve already helped a number of local home owners, perhaps we could help them too? Please share this post on your timelines and together we can try and help more families like Tamsin’s.



Looking for a long-lasting, well designed kitchen?

 Irene Gawith from Crook, repeat Webbs of Kendal customer after 20 years.

Irene Gawith from Crook, repeat Webbs of Kendal customer after 20 years.

We bought our first kitchen from Webbs of Kendal over 20 years ago when we first moved into our new home. It was so well designed and fitted that there was only one supplier in the running when I decided to replace it last year.

It was a pleasure to work with Webbs of Kendal again, and to experience how design thinking and technology have changed over the years. I was particularly impressed with the way that Ben was able to take photos of the old kitchen and then superimpose the new designs onto them, creating a very realistic visual representation of how the new kitchen would look and work for me.

Being a traditional Lakeland farm property, the designs made best use of the space available and carefully integrated key features, such as the extractor that would have otherwise jarred with the overall aesthetics.

The entire process from design to fitting only took about a month. The quality of the kitchen units and the workmanship is second to none. The team were patient and receptive to my needs and wants, making sure that every detail received the proper attention.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, well designed kitchen, you really can’t go wrong with Webbs of Kendal.
— Irene Gawith, Crook




Help for the victims of the storm desmond flood


Help for the victims of the storm desmond flood

A kindhearted Kendal businessman whose showroom was wrecked by flooding is offering to help householders whose homes were damaged.

Ben Monaghan of Webbs Kitchens on Shap Road came home from hospital on Saturday, bringing wife Cathy and newborn son Lucas, to see photos on Facebook of his showroom under water.

Cathy’s business, Babyworld, also on Shap Road, was also wrecked by floodwater, but like Webbs it is open for business, stock held for customers safe in the top floor.

Now Ben is offering to help people who need to refit their homes. If families don’t have insurance, he will provide a new kitchen for them at cost price. And for those who are insured, he will help with insurance quotes and help them get the best possible deal.*

“We know what it’s like to be affected but this is only stuff,” said Ben, who lives safely in another part of Kendal. “It is people who have lost their homes and their possessions that we feel so sorry for. I wanted to do something to make it just a little easier for them to start again.”

Ben and Cathy, who also have a three year old son Oscar, had just relaxed after a worrying time following the birth of Lucas. Cathy suffered complications and was in intensive care in hospital for 10 days.

“Cathy was just released from hospital that day,” said Ben. “I managed to find a route to drive her home. We thought that all our troubles were over.”

Ben is the grandson of Charles Webb who founded the family-run business in 1926. The kitchen showroom was a write-off but the offices and design centre on the first floor were unaffected and are still operating. Contact Ben on 015397 29632 or info@webbskitchens.co.uk

*Terms and conditions
Offer limited to residents of Kendal. Exceptional circumstances from residents outside of Kendal will be considered.
Applicants qualify by having no insurance or have been refused an insurance payout and have been affected by the recent floods.
Only one set of plans and drawings per customer.
50% deposit paid on ordering final balance must be settled the week before delivery to site.
Webbs of Kendal reserve the right to refuse applications.
Applications will be accepted by Webbs of Kendal on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to suit our capacity to supply. 
The length of time that this offer is available is at the discretion of Webbs Of Kendal.
Cost price relates to goods supplied by Webbs of Kendal (furniture, appliances, sinks and work tops). Therefore installation, electrics, building work, plumbing or gas works are not included and will be quoted for separately if required.


Our Latest Feature in the Cumbria Life Interiors


Our Latest Feature in the Cumbria Life Interiors

Recently we featured in the Spring 2015 edition of Cumbria Life, a popular award-winning lifestyle publication showcasing Cumbria's finest attributes. Over 60,000 readers view this publication a month so we are honoured to be featured.

In this feature we discuss and showcase our unique designs and how we can provide you with an individual service to suit your needs. We added a few little tips to give you an insight in to our interior design thought-process.

Subscribe to Cumbria Life for just £25 per year and hopefully you will see more Webbs of Kendal features in the future.



How to Decide if a Bespoke Kitchen is for you


How to Decide if a Bespoke Kitchen is for you

Webbs of Kendal offers you something extremely special, with a set of highly skilled designers who are there to help your dream kitchen become reality. It is the individual touches that make your home yours and with our custom-made services we are able to bring your unique taste to life.


How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?


A question most people ask is how much does a bespoke kitchen cost? Well, the cost of bespoke kitchens is pretty undefinable however you can expect it to be more expensive than your average Ikea kitchen. Despite this, you are certainly getting what you paid for as the price is truly reflected in the beautiful, individual hand-made pieces.  


Limited choice or endless choice?


Choosing a hand-built kitchen, means you have complete control over the style, colour and materials used, allowing you to create a unique place that truly reflects your personality. As different homes have different styles, your bespoke kitchen would need to follow the same scheme of the house and our hand-built kitchens allow you to make no compromises and only have the things YOU want.


Designed to fit your room effortlessly


Bespoke kitchens can be perfect if your room is a peculiar shape, with strange dimensions as every piece is tailored to fit your exact needs. However if you’re on a low budget and your room is of a standard shape and size, you may consider buying an off the shelf range as an easier option.


A style for all tastes

Our custom-made kitchens can incorporate any different style, whether that be modern, traditional or shaker. A hand-built shaker kitchen will include minimalistic designs, presenting a beautifully understated, sophisticated kitchen. A traditional bespoke kitchen will focus on detail in all areas, with themes of country, rustic and old world being portrayed. A custom-made modern kitchen will have a sparse sleekness, with simple hardware and strong horizontal lines.

bespoke kitchen.jpg

The types of materials we use vary depending on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve. Some of the more popular choices are solid oak for cabinets and granite or glass for work surfaces, however the options are endless and of course entirely up to you.


Quality Materials and Appliances

We work with only the best partners and suppliers including Neff, Caledonia, Kohler and Blanco to name only a few.


Choosing a kitchen style depends on a number of things such as your taste and the current age/style of your house, as if your home is ultra-modern, fitting in a traditional kitchen will not tie in. These are all important factors that you must consider when choosing whether a bespoke kitchen is for you, so we can create the kitchen from your visions.




By answering these 10 questions below you should be able to make a more informed decision as to whether a bespoke kitchen design and installation is for you.


Is individuality important to you?

Is quality and service a higher priority than price?

Want to bring your dream kitchen to life?

Know exactly what you want just need a visual representation of it?

Have very specific requirements for your kitchen?

Have a peculiar shaped room or difficult dimensions to work with?

Prefer a personal-touch opposed to cookie-cutter?

Want to have full control over the finer details?

Like quirky designs rather than your average, simplistic kitchen layout?

Want to have the assurance your kitchen is being handled by a close team of professionals?


If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions, I'm sure that a tailored kitchen is the perfect fit for you. Bring your dream kitchen to life today with Webbs of Kendal.


Webbs of Kendal has been a family run business since 1926, Ben inherited the business and strives to continue the family tradition of promising each and every customer a tailored service. With a showroom on the edge of the Lake District, this can help to influence your imagination and ideas. Alongside this we can bring showroom design consultations to life - presenting you with 3D computer generated plans with specific quotations.

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