handmade kitchens, Built in cumbria

Designed to your personal taste

We’ve been creating timeless, modern, traditional and sophisticated handmade kitchens for decades.  All designed from our scenic, state of the art showroom on the edge of the English Lake District. With a huge range of style, colour, and appliances to match your needs. Webbs shine in the level of service you can expect from our designers...

Ensuring you get everything you want out of your new kitchen, the way you want it.


A Kitchen to mirror your individual personality

At Webbs, we firmly believe that your home should mirror your individual personality. Kitchens are increasingly becoming the hub of the home, a space to spend time with friends and family, entertaining and relaxing as well as the obvious area for cooking and dining.

Personally designed

Webb's beautiful British homemade kitchens are a perfect blend of craftsmanship, design, technology and tradition. Personally designed to cater for individual tastes, requirements and budgets our handmade kitchens are built to last.  They’re crafted from a vast selection of premium materials, installed to the highest standards and above all, the end result is always unique to you.

a space that suits your lifestyle

A handmade kitchen is the perfect way to create a space that suits your lifestyle, whilst also giving you a fantastic wealth of options regarding colour, finishing, style and personalisation. 

Webbs have the experience in creating exclusive handmade kitchens which reflect your personality, lifestyle and family needs, why settle for less?


Bespoke Design

What are the real advantages of a Webbs handmade kitchen?

Webbs take the time to understand your aesthetic taste, lifestyle and practical requirements, believing that responding to those individual needs is a priority over everything else. Taking that one step further, installing a handmade bespoke kitchen ensures that your needs are met in the most effective, efficient and tailored way.

exclusively handcrafted

Our handmade kitchens are built to fit your kitchen perfectly, rather than the alternative method of mounting a selection of predefined units into a space.  Storage options, cabinetry panelling, worktops and finishes are exclusively handcrafted from the finest materials and installed with precision and attention to detail.

A one-off masterpiece

A Webbs handmade kitchen provides you with limitless opportunities to express your personality while creating a one-off masterpiece that becomes an investment in every sense of the word.


Tailored Lighting

How does light complement our handmade kitchens?

Although we pride ourselves on the design, craftsmanship, instal and commissioning of your personalised kitchen, we also know that including a beautiful and bespoke lighting solution is a crucial factor in making your new tailored kitchen literally shine.

Subtly using state of the art lighting technology gives you the options to create a selection of theatrical ambiances with the flick of a switch, push of a button or swipe on a screen.  The ways to control your environment and the effects at your disposal are limitless, so once again, we’ll work with you to ensure we design a selection of perfect moods tailored to your kitchen, your lifestyle, your home and you.


Individual Colour and Finish

A mood reflector or merely a background hue?

We understand the importance of colour and finish; and consider it to be a powerful design tool. Colour and finish alters mood, expresses personality, highlights specific areas, creates perspective and adds warmth and emotion.  We also recognise the effects of careful coordination, complementing and contrasting cupboards, handles, surfaces and appliances with wall and flooring options.

This is why your new handmade kitchen can literally be any colour or finish the world has to offer, again ensuring total exclusivity and the perfect reflection of you.


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